Switchback Solutions provides eCommerce and Internet Marketing solutions.
From concept to development and into product management, Switchback is there every step of the way. We provide technology solutions to help you grow your business.

We help brick-and-mortar expand into eCommerce, eBay sellers expand to multi-marketplace, and we provide solutions to streamline listing, sales, management, and shipping processes.
We also provide internet marketing campaign support, development, and solutions.

We love to talk about streamlining, dataflow and workflow diagrams, and we love helping people. Call, email, or contact us below to set up a time that we can talk about your business.

We are More

Switchback Solutions is more than just a web development, graphic design, eCommerce management, internet and email marketing company. We provide business and non-profit support, and internet technology solutions. We like to do what we are good at, so that business owners can focus on what they are good at.

What's in a name?

Switchback Definition

We love the outdoors, and we enjoy backpacking. But one thing we find quirky and at times frustrating when on the trail, are switchbacks. These turns in the trail often take you back the way you came, and feel as though you are losing ground. Why not just plow on straight ahead, and skip the switchback altogether?! But in reality, those switchbacks are actually making the trail easier, manageable, passable, and even safe.
So often in life, business, and especially in troubleshooting technology, there are many switchbacks. And while at times frustrating, those very turns lead us to a much better, more well rounded solution.

That is exactly what we strive for at Switchback Solutions. We want to help businesses navigate the twists and turns of eCommerce and Internet Marketing, while easing the burden of an oftentimes heavy technological load.



Using Magento, OSCommerce, and WooCommerce, we provide robust options for getting your products listed in multiple marketplaces seamlessly. We maximize sales by simplifying the listing, management, sales, shipping and support processes.


Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. We develop custom solutions to help you create your brand, and get your name out to new and existing customers. Whether you are having trouble with the basics, or are looking for customized strategies, we can help your business increase brand awareness.


Ongoing support, problem resolution, upgrades, changes, redesign, and process streamlining can be an overwhelming task. Switchback Solutions provides all of these things, no matter who developed your site originally. In most cases, we can save you money, while simplifying your listing, management, sales, shipping, and support processes.

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